Ehya! Y'all read this very pathetic story


I found this post on Stella Dimoko Korkus blog and I was really touched as I read it so I decided to share it with you guys. Read the post below:

Good day Mrs. Stella, hope you are doing well? I am Stuck in a dilemma on whether to just keep shut or tell on what it is I witnessed. I’ll start from the beginning to give you a clear picture on what has been happening and how it led to what it is I saw.

My home is nothing to write home about, I grew up living with a very abusive father, a sometimes lazy and careless mother and a very nonsense extended family. The only good thing I can boast of from my family are my sisters. They are the only ones that give me joy and make me think having relations isn’t all that bad.

Growing up, I was constantly on the receiving end of the wrath of my father. He beat me constantly, cursed, yelled and did all sorts of negative things, sometimes I question if I was really his son cos of the way he maltreated me. I suffer every single day and ultimately grew up hating him.

 Anytime am out of the house am always glad but when I had to go back, you could see the sorrow I felt from the expression on my face. I wasn’t the only one on the receiving end, my mom as well had her fair share of it all. Then, he used to beat her until he stopped at a point but his yelling, cursing and lack of love and affection still existed.

 She would cry all the time only finding solace in us the kids. She had even threatened divorce times without number, I have even lost count on the amount of times she’s said she’s leaving only for dad to start begging and promising to change which he does for a while but reverts back to his old lifestyle.

This was the story of my life for years. Time passed and I got used to all the shit and bull crap that was dished out by my pops. My mom as well grew her own pair of wings and started fighting back. If dad yelled, she yelled louder, if he tried to fight, weapon no dey hard her to carry. If he keeps late nights, she na weekend she go spend. Worst part is when she started having awkward relationships with men. My dad suspected but didnt have concrete evidence till he found an incriminating message on her phone one time like that. 

Mehn all hell let loose that day, we the kids didnt even interfere cos we had learnt to distance ourselves from their matters a long time ago and we didn’t even care about them anymore. We just looked after ourselves and no-one else cos we decided that we were all we had and all we needed. We even secretly wished they were divorced cos we were tired of the constant fights and nagging, if we knew how, we would have drawn up the papers a long time ago.

Now here’s the deal, in recent times it’s like dad started turning over a new leaf. He started reaching out to us the kids more, he started showing more love and affection and he even asks if he can help with certain issues, that’s something he has never ever done since I have known him. He even tries to patch things up with mom, like buying her stuffz and giving her money for things she needs and doesn’t need. But my mums heart has changed since, she doesn’t care for him anymore and she doesn’t hide it. 

She says she’s never happy when he’s around and there’s nothing he can do ever again to make her change her mind. He has tried to make up with me for how he treated me back then and even though we can never be close and relate like most father and son do, I have found it in my heart to forgive him for the way he treated me like an outcast.

Now on this faithful day while everyone was out except me and mom, I was in my room as I always am. I lock myself up from morning till night and only step out to get food and use the bathroom. This time I stepped out to get something from the living room and to my utmost dismay, I found mom doing it with a guy in the living room. I wished I was blind there and then, I was totally disgusted by what I saw but funny thing is I didn’t even react, I just kept mute and didn’t say a word. 

I just turned round and went back to my room. Now am stuck on what next to do. Do I tell my sisters what I saw and do I tell pops as well. What do I say when I confront her, should I yell at her and castigate her or should I just act like I didnt see anything and not speak of such evil. 

I know dad was horrible and all but at least he’s trying to change. I don’t believe she should have gone as far as bringing a guy into our house while I was around, that shows a lack of disrespect to me and our family. I just don’t know what to do and I was hoping you and fellow bvs could help.


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