Ghen Ghen!!! Female student gets public embarrassment from parents in front of FAD Hall

This story is so hilarious! A girl(name withheld) has been suspended but refused to go home. She allegedly spent her fees without informing her parents about her suspension parole. The parents with her uncle and aunt decided to come and show her some Nollywood piece today when they got an information that she was in school and staying with one of her friends in FAD Hall. According to an eye witness, the girl's father, uncle and aunt packed her box for her while they were looking for the girl round the hall.
The hall admin was just shouting her name all to no avail and up until now, the girl hasn't been found The family left tho but I am sure the girl will definite;y be expecting some more drama. I will bring the update to you guys as the drama begins to unfold!


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