Result of the Inter-Departmental Debate Knock-out(round 1)....Mass comm takes the lead with 73 points

The first set of the round 1 took place on the 12th but I had to wait till today before posting any results so as to post all together. I don't have the score for the first set but I have the scores for today's own. The full list below;
1. Business Administration vs Anatomy(WINNER)
2. Med. Lab vs Medicine(WINNER) but Med. Lab didn't come come so it was a walk over
3. Economics(WINNER) vs I.R.M
4. Nursing(WINNER) vs Public Health
5. Law(WINNER) vs English

English had the highest scores among the losers, so they faced Mass Comm in the second set.

SECOND SET(winners are in capital letter):
1. Phisiology vs Agric------none of the departments showed up when they were called
3. Educational Foundation(62) vs COMPUTER SCIENCE(71)
4. I.L.D(72) vs Religious Studies: Religious Studies didn't show up, so it was a walk over
5. Basic Science vs ACCOUNTING(72): Basic Science didn't show up, so it was a walk over
6. Biochemical Science vs Music: None of the departments showed up
7. MASS COMM(73) vs English(68).

Congrats to all the winners!!!


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