Results of the Inter-Departmental Debate draws

The Inter-Departmental Debate draws held yesternight and it was a success. All other departments have their opponents save for Mass Comm who will face anyone who wins in the first knock-out round. Check out the full list of topics and opponents below:
1. Business Administration vs Anatomy: Without the tourism sector, Nigerian economic development will not be complete.

2. Med Lab vs Medicine: Investing on the human capital is a way forward in changing the economic situation of Nigeria.

3. Economics/Banking&Finance vs I.R.M: Government has not invested enough money in the agricultural sector.

4. Nursing vs Public Health: Without technological development, Nigerian economy will continue to be on the downturn.

5. Law vs Languages: The fight on corruption is what Nigeria needs to get over the economic situation it has found itself.

6. History vs Pol. Sci: The agricultural sector is not the panacea to Nigerian economic situation.

7. Education vs Comp. Sci: The solid mineral sector is a major solution to the economic situation of Nigeria.

8. I.L.D vs C.R.S: Non-oil export will slow down the nation's economic growth.

9. Bio. Sci vs Music: Concentrating purely on the non-oil sector will render the oil sector comatose.

10. Physiology vs Agric: Nigerian economy is not ready for the development of non-oil sectors.

11. Accounting vs ????: Information technology is the only panacea to the Nigerian economic situation.



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