The confession of a broken-hearted girl part2

For those of you who missed part 1, go here and for those who have read the part 1, here is the part 2:

He told his ex about me, they stopped talking for a while until my 2014 Summer holidays during Ramadan because he's a muslim. I'm supposed to be a good girl and not make him sin then the same ex of his came into the picture for the second time, he cheated on me with her and I was so sngry, I was burnt and mad, I knew he cheated he didn't even have to tell me that; with the whole thing I decided to cheat on him back that was where the relationship started crumbling. The guy I cheated with loved me more than any supposed boyfriend and I still regret using him to get back at my boyfriend. Then we all came honest at some point in our lives, he told me he cheated on me and I told him I did, from that day I promised myself I won't cheat again that was the first and last. It was perfect until his friends started telling him some untrue things about me and even if he says he doesn't believe them I know he did and that part hurts me no other part.
We broke up and we came back not  until our final break-up now which was very terrible, I cried every single night I guess I never really knew how much I loved him but at some point of getting to fix it, it all just came back to the fact that he'll always pay attention to what his friends have to say about me so I stopped hoping we'll get back together and I started praying that he just gets to see that his friends are lying to him. I still love him and I love him very much but at this point, nothing I say or do will change anything but I pray for your happiness every time.....*Signing out of the relationship*


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