The Confessions of a broken-hearted girl

This story is a true story which was sent in by someone who prefers to remain anonymous. It is a very long but really interesting, funny and emotional piece, so you have to read patiently and enjoy! As written by the sender;

                  It's been two months now and he is still in my thoughts. It feels like yesterday when we were almost I remembered the first time I met him was at the bank, he was coming out and I was going him as I noticed him staring but my unlooking game is so strong. Then after that time, I knew I was just going to see him again then I met him at the gate on a day my mother already pissed me off but when I saw him, I became less pissed. He then spoke to me and from that moment, I knew we were going to date. He was kinda scared when he was talking to me because I kept giving him that b*tchy attitude but he didn't know I was so happy then we exchanged I am such an ashewo. Then we started talking, I was happy when I got home and saw his texts, I stayed up all night chatting with with him until I said I was feeling sleepy and I needed to go to bed I guess he didn't know we were chatting for that long, he said he needed to do the same because he had to prepare for Church(Sabbath).
I then agreed to see him when I arrived school on Sunday, he kept me waiting but we later met at BBS, he came with one of his friends(Tosin) and when he saw me, the nigga tried to hug me and in my head I was like DUDE!!! calm the f*ck down now, like what is wrong with you? I know you like me and all but why are you hugging me? I just met you, i let my face give all of those expressions and I said those in my mind too but I like it sha. It was then awkward at first because he got the expression on my face then he apologized but he didn't know I was cool with it anyways because I knew he was going to be my boyfriend someday.
                  That night we met, I was cold then he gave me his sweater and I was like awwwnnn, anyways I never returned it. It officially became mine---yes i never returned it. Then after that, we saw each other a couple times and more of this and that until one Saturday after Church when he was like he wanted to kiss me, I was scared but after all I said, he ended up kissing me...goddamnit that kiss blew my mind away like I thought about it for ages. I'm such an ashewo, I was telling him not to but he kissed me first and I only revenged like why will you kiss me and go scot-free? I had to kiss him back. Then we went home and on the 1st of January, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend, I was smiling on the phone and I f*cking said yasss yasss, I'll be your girlfriend like 'hello, why did it take you this long'? Anyways, i said yes and like any relationship, it had ups and downs. Not until February 14, he got me a gift and a cake, it was on a Friday then I went to see him and he wanted to be honest with me, he told me he hasn't broken up with his ex officially which means she was still in the picture. Goddamit I was so heart-broken, I cried that night, it was just I and a close friend of mine who was my room mate that were in the room, I ran back to my hall in tears, I was already falling deep for this dude and he decided to hurt me then we spoke about it...yea, I was supposed to end it but he liked me and I liked him too. To be continued......


  1. nice story...can't wait for part two

  2. mehn...the guy na fuck up gee o

  3. the gurl na thief joor...she should have returned his sweater

  4. interesting piece indeed...hope the part 2 doesn't take long


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