What Nonsense! Pastor says all people who worship on Sundays won't make heaven at Redemption Chapel

Biko! When will this stop for heaven's sake. Reports reaching me now is that a pastor went to Redemption Chapel(Marigold) for Sabbath worship and all through his sermon, he kept bad-mouthing pentecostal churches. He said all those worshipping on Sundays won't make it to heaven because Saturday is the original day for worshipping God. Aren't we meant to worship God anyday we like? He also said that pentecostal pastors are fond of performing fake miracles; his sermon was just full of bad words against pentecostal churches. Most pastors on campus are fond of this act and they really need to stop.
Christianity is meant to be a religion of peace. Muslims will never divide, they are all one but Christianity is so full of diverse doctrines which isn't meant to be and the fact that U don't buy into your doctrine doesn't mean I won't make heaven and the Bible clearly stated it that we shouldn't judge so that we won't be judged, so isn't it just glaring now who won't make it to heaven? I mean, we all know the people who have been judging others and it is really annoying!


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