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Famous Bobson might not be all that 'famous' afterall...some people don't know him???

I'm really surprised about this. I had a discussion with a few people and I brought up Bobson's case(not bad one and they all seemed puzzled, asking me who Bobson was. To think that Bobson is like a household name and some people don't even know him at all and this wasn't the first time someone would tell me he or she isn't familiar with the name 'Bobson'.

Michy Conglomerate presents 'Most Beautiful and Mr Teen Nigeria Season 4'

The Search Is On For...................

Magnificent Edition]

√ Stand A Chance To Represent Nigeria in Turkey at the 16th Festival

√ Become An Ambassador To KTPOAC FOUNDATION

√ An Exclusive Interview With MiTv Lagos.

√ Walk The Runway At the 2nd Edition Of The NIGERIA ICONS FASHION AWARDS 2016.

Photos: King Julian meets international music star, 'Wale'

This King Julian guy is such a He recently bumped into Wale at an international airport and they had a quick but productive convo. After seeing these pictures, I contacted King Julian who made it known to me that he collected his(Wale) number and that they will be working on something soon. Well, we anticipate Julian!

My fave artist, Adekunle Gold adds another year!

My fave was a year older yesterday and it's funny how I couldn't have remembered to post it. Well, it's never too late for anything. Happy birthday Adekunle!

Wait a minute, Tipsy Araga is back to school....should other artistes be scared????

The 'Designer' crooner has been spotted on campus a few times now. He was also spotted in the school cafeteria tonight. Seems he is back to school, do you think other in-house artistes like Chuza, Bobson, Badmos and the likes should be scared? Well, I guess not, let's wait and see tho!

O.M.G.....male student allegedly goes psycho in Welch Hall

I haven't confirmed this news but according to multiple sources who reached out to me, a particular guy(unknown) actually went psycho today in Welch Hall. The guy was reported to have been acting strangely for days now but he took it to another level today as he just kept shouting he needed cocaine.

Yipee! Hyrish Blog's first Valentine giveaway is N10,000

Yay...I'm so happy to announce my first give away. First of all, let me quickly appreciate y'all for always coming here for info and I really appreciate so I am doing this Valentine giveaway just to say 'thank you' in the little way that I can. I will be giving out N2,000 each to 5 lucky winners, I promise it will increase as time goes by. Here is what you need to do to win:

Huh?? So 'Herald Digest' thinks Seyi Shay is signed to Sony Music Entertainment....smh!

Herald Digest is a publication of the Department of Mass Communication. In its latest issue which is no.2 of Vol.5, there was a very great error found on a story titled: 2015/2016 FRESHER'S NIGHT: Lil Kesh, Seyi Shay and Other artists sway audience written by Falobi Akinwunmi.

Producer, 'Sarz' shows off his toned abs

Nice abs!

#TruTalkWednesday: Inferiority complex and its menace on most students on campus

Y'all remember I started this #TruTalkWednesday thing last week right? This is the second episode, if you missed the first one, go HERE . Today, I will be talking about inferiority complex and how it has affected most people on campus. It is quite lengthy but very interesting and funny. Grab a pack of popcorn or shawarma and enjoy.
Inferiority complex can be defined as 'a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to standards. It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme asocial behaviour'------Wikipedia. This evil spirit has reared its ugly head into the lives of most people on campus and it has really gone far in making some of these students take steps that are ungodly and not socially acceptable.

Food for thought!

So true!

BUSA replaces furniture at the BUSA House reception

Let's put our hands together for the guys at BUSA, they have replaced the furniture at the reception with a nicer and more welcoming set. They should consider making the T.V function again tho. Nice one BUSA. Another photo after the cut...

Q'ice confectionaries draws massive attention at BUSA House as they give out free cakes

These guys really have good promotional strategy. They had students hovering around their tent yesterday, including They had really nice and delicious cakes, they are obviously doing it ahead of Valentine but will it really work? I mean, most guys already made plans for their Val day but it didn't stop some students from showing their excess greed More photos after the cut...

Popular campus music duo, 'FTK' gets featured in Punch Newspaper!

The popular campus music duo got featured in Punch newspaper. Now, that is so cool. these guys are really stepping up their game as they recently went for an interview on LTV. I pray they reach greater heights in Jesus name. Did I hear you say amen???

Students to return their tablets in replacement for an upgraded version

I think someone has finally advised these people. It has been announced that everyone that has collected the tablet should return it for an upgraded one, provided you have all the accessories complete. In other news, I'm sorry I have been MIA for a while, network has been terrible. Hyrish is back!

Video: Watch the hilarious music video of Jenifa's Diary's soundtrack

The hilarious video features the likes of Gbenro Ajibade, May D, Sound Sultan, Kaffy, Laura Ikeji, Bimbo Thomas, Dj Switch amongst others and is directed by JJC Skillz. Watch and enjoy!

Irenitemi, her captivating smile and beautiful crown slay,dazzle,sizzle and smoulder in new photo!

Her smile is just extremely captivating! Only if I could find more words to describe this photo, so gorgeous. Nice one Ire, in case you were wondering, she is a 300level Mass Comm student who also happens to be a media enthusiast and is in love with weaves.

Chacha Eke be giving us Sabbath chills in lovely mini-skirt(photo)


Emmanuel Achusim of E.O.A Arts adds another year!

The ace photographer was a year older yesterday. Happy birthday to him, nothing in life is ever too late!

30 demerit points for anyone sleeping during room check in Neal Wilson Hall.....smh!

Why on earth will this kind of a thing be happening? Some workers just like to create their own rules. In Neal Wilson Hall (formerly New Male/King's Delight Hall), you must be awake during the room check because if you are marked 'sleeping', not 'absent' oo, you will be given 30 demerit points. This is something that doesn't make any sense. Some of the affected students were arguing with the Hall Administrator(name withheld) and instead of the Hall Administrator to be sober, he was making it known to these students that that is how it will continue to be in the hall.

Bullying in Babcock? Y'all won't believe what happened to this 100level student

This story is quite annoying but interesting and sadly, funny! lol. here is what happened---a 100 level student with a very small stature was sleeping in his own room with his phone and laptop on the table but he left the door wide open. While sleeping, some guy entered the room and took the phone. The 100 level guy woke up and was looking for his phone but after a fruitless search, he gave up.

The guy that took the phone came inside the room to claim he helped the guy keep his phone to prevent it from being stolen. What a good Samaritan! you must be thinking yh? taaaaa, he told the victim that he had to collect 3k before releasing the phone. It was like a joke until the guy refused to release the phone after much pleas from the victim.

BUSA is allegedly working on building her own website

I got this info from a credible source, BUSA is alleged to be working on a website. If this is done, it will be a major achievement for this administration. Remember, you heard it here first!

Tiana of 'Makeup by Tiana' adds another year today!

The dope make-up artist who recently grabbed an ANUCA nomination for best make-up artist is a year older today. Happy birthday to her, you can check out some of her works here and here

#Breaking: Obafemi Awolowo University's SUG Presdient, 'Omotayo Akande', others allegedly suspended

Omotayo Akande, President of Obafemi Awolowo University's Students' Union and two other leaders of the union have been allegedly reported to have been suspended by the OAU Management. The report which began on Tuesday last week claimed that the suspension of the three Central Executive Council of the Union had come as a result of their assault on Professor Y.K. Yusuf, a renowned lecturer in the Department of English, OAU.

It was reported that the OAU Management in their verdict after the meeting of Senate members of the institution last December have given a three year-suspension to Omotayo Akande, two each to Emmanuel and Oluwaseun, the P.R.O and Secretary General respectively.

Photos from my sister's 10th birthday dinner.....her 'fairy princess' cake is a dream come true!

My immediate little sister clocked ten years old yesterday and a small dinner was organized for her. That cake is so amazing, I love it die. It's rather sad I wasn't Another photo after the cut...

Photos: extremely cute twins marry on the same day!

Photo credit: Kemi Filani

Headies Award winner, Timi Dakolo is a year older today!

The 'Headies' winner is a year older today. happy birthday to him!

Check out this photo and tell me what your excuse for poverty could be!

Really inspiring....

#TruTalkWednesday: How the society keeps victimizing the girl child

All in a bid to make the blog more interesting and to also pass a message across, I will be sharing some honest truth every Wednesday and the post related to it will be tagged #TruTalkWednesday, as it is, this is my very first post. Please sit back, grab a pack of popcorn or shawarma and enjoy this interesting piece composed by me.
In Nigeria as a community and the world as a whole, it is largely seen that the girl child is usually victimized. Now, so many people may be asking 'what is Hyrish saying?' I am saying that the girl child has been a victim of multiple abuse in the hands of all and sundry. For instance, when there is a rape case, instead of seeking for means on how to deal with the rapist, everyone looks at the victim with scorn and start blaming her for wearing revealing clothes.

Hurray...happy 10th birthday to my immediate sis, 'Romola'

My cute lil is ten years old today. Happy birthday Romola, I love you so much. Isn't she just so pretty? hate all you

#EggplantWednesday: Music act, 'Morachi' shares erotic eggplant photo

He said he woke up like that. Wait a minute! we all woke up like that

Happy birthday Joshua Ante

Joshua Ante is a 500 level Medicine student. Happy birthday to him!

Photo: Fact of the day!

I guess not everyone suffers from insomnia afterall!

Fashion tips: Four ways to style your chinos(for the guys)

To those who are still unfamiliar with this great pair of pants, let me first and foremost get the introductions out of the way. Chinos are super stylish, casual cotton pants. Chinos are great for the tropical climate. If you think they work only in summers or can be worn only in one style, you couldn’t be more wrong. Chinos are extremely versatile. You just have to pick the right pieces to go along with them and you can dress up or dress down as you wish. You canjust as well work the dressy look as the cool and casual look in your chinos. However you should avoid wearing chinos in a formal or business setting or your office.

1. The first look is your casual look, perfect movie with friends or a day out. Team up you regular or slim fit chinos with a V neck t-shirt or a casual shirt. Roll up your chinos to your ankles. Add a belt and complete the look with flip flops or sneakers.

Tuesday hotness featuring Micheal Umuodit

The Economics graduate of Covenant University is super hot in this photo. I love how he dressed so simple but also sophisticated. Nice one Michael!

Awww...the kiss Dr.Patricia and her husband shared on their wedding is so sweet!

So cute!

Popular campus student cum fashion blogger, 'Sofowora Dami' shares photos from his 'Dutch' dinner

He sure needs no introduction, for those who don't know him sha he is a final year Computer Science student who also happens to be a fashion and lifestyle blogger, check out his He recently went on a dinner date at the school's guest house and just sent the photos in. If you ask me, the photos are really nice. More photos when you continue....

Odize Karen lets her booty do the 'yoga'

Booty on fleek! Such a nice background. Nice one Karen.

Y'all meet Lawal Olasunkanmi, the brain behind Thunderbolt Entertainment!

Lawal Olasunkanmi is a 300L student of University of Ibadan,a poet,writer and most especially an entrepreneur.He founded Thunderbolt Entertainment an event planning group into photography,video coverage ushering services and so many more with some of his friends.
Another platform the organization runs on,is the introduction of  the latest social platform for Nigerian youths and undergraduates to interact on various issues in a intellectual but social enviroment. Click on the Link to Open yourself to a new dawning world just
for you at
One of his poem includes 'Bank of Love',making use of different names of Nigerian Bank to write a poem.

Food for thought!

Kindly let this be our watchword!

Ex-BUSA Senator and expectant father, Idris Ibiyemi is a year older today!

The Babcock graduate is a year older today, he is also an expectant father whose wife is expected to put to bed outside Nigeria. As a student on campus, he was an active BUSA Senator. Happy birthday Idris!

Fashion tips: 'How to pair colours' by Laura Ikeji

I have decided to spice up the blog a lil bit by adding some interesting topics as fashion, technology,etc and as I was surfing the net today, I stumbled upon this interesting post on Laura Ikeji and decided to share as most students on campus mix some kind 'yeye' colours that can make you Enjoy the post as shared by the fashion blogger.
Who remembers the "colour wheel"? I think it was a topic taught in fine arts back in secondary school. When in doubt of what colours to pair together, looking at the colour wheel can give you a heads up or point you in the right direction. I'm going to try to make this as simple as possible so no one gets confused. There are different categories of colours namely. Pls cont

Primary colours_ red,yellow, blue
Secondary colours_orange,green,purple
Tertiary colours_ blue_green,blue_violet
Complementary colours_ two colours opposite each other (blue and orange, green and red)
Analogous colours_ three colours next to e…

Ene Maya and her 'coat of many colours' be so much on fleek!

The ex-beauty queen is such a fashionista. I love her so much!

Lmao...y'all won't believe what Seyi Shay 'allegedly' did to punish BUSA Social director, 'Tonero' for being boastful on freshers' night!!!

I don't know how true this is but I got the info from a very reliable source. Here is what happened----on freshers night last year, Seyi Shay was taken to Babcock Guest House(BGH) and when she got there with her bouncers and crew, she ordered food and made an attempt to pay but our Almighty BUSA Social Director, 'Tonero' told her not to pay, all in a bid to give her a good impression. Seyi insisted on paying but Tonero was keen on footing the bills. The highlight of the whole event is that Seyi allegedly ordered excess food that she and her crew didn't nearly