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500L Medicine student, Odugbesan Olumuyiwa strips on instagram....exposes extremely toned abs and a snipet of his eggplant

Now, that's my dream body(well dreams come With a body like this, I will move mountains....lmao. Enjoy the tea ladies and guys who also play for the same team *winks*

Photo: BUSA President-elect, Joshua Ante and others having fun in India

Joshua shared the beautiful photo on his instagram page @joshanteo. Nice pic, seems like they are really having fun!

Dear Hyrish readers, is this true or false?

lol....true or false?

Popular campus music act, Jinmi Abduls drops his two cents on Tiwa Savage's viral interview

I'm with him on this....

BU graduate cum blogger, Seun Badejo shares photo of one of his favourite females and she really deserves to be!

Please, don't tell me you need me to tell you who Seun Badejo is because he needs no introduction but for those who live under the rocks, Seun Badejo is a blogger and also a photographer(I think!) He was one of the most sociable students while on campus.

Danny Brownz makes his IG account won't believe why!

So this is news? Of course, it is....I mean, this is Danny Brownz who has worked tirelessly to make our social life interesting on campus.

Two big collaborations we anticipated on campus but that are nowhere to be found yet!

We know we have plenty students on campus who work with big stars while others plan on doing so. Well, two notable people brought their plans to the public but we haven't seen anything yet. These people are;

1. Biggy Frosh: He made the announcement via his bbm status that he will be working out something with Bizzle Osikoya who recognizes Hyrish Blog....*flips weave* lol. We haven't heard anything about the duo's work since then oo

Babcock Management 'allegedly' attempted to claim a student's website because of its name

This is annoying. So there is this 200level student(anonymous) who has decided to open an online store in Babcock where students can buy stuffs in a very stress-free way just like he did with above).

18+ only....check out what a guy did to a girl's clitoris during oral sex (viewers' discretion advised)

I still can't believe this.....guys need to chill abeg! Source:

Photo: Proof of King Julian withdrawing from Babcock

I shared a post here about King Julian withdrawing from school(if you missed it, go here) and some people had mixed feelings about it. Some thought I just wanted to put up something while others thought it was just a publicity stunt. Well, I now have proof and my proof is the pic up there which he shared on his Snapchat page. If you look closely at the picture, you will notice something that will clear you doubt on top of the phone...*winks*. An upclose photo after the cut....

Apologies from yours truly....

It's been a while since I posted on the blog and many people have been asking me about the situation. Well, I am so sorry about it as my laptop is faulty but I am repairing it and as soon as it is fixed, you will be served enough hot spice.

#Breaking: King Julian is also withdrawing from school

King Julian of Gidi Customs is a 300level Music student who transferred from Conputer Technology Department to another department before landing in Music Department. According to a close source who reached out to me, he is also withdrawing from Babcock but no one knows where he will be transferring to tho.

Update on Famous Bobson's withdrawal from Babcock

I broke the news about Fanous Bobson withdrawing from Babcock here (if you missed it, go Here). Well, according to a source that reached out exclusively to Hyrish, he is transferring to a school in London. I wish him well and hey! You heard it here firstπŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

Novel Dreams Inc. presents 4:20 Lifestyle Festival

Turn Up Happy people...Ladies and Gentlemen!!!...Its The Globally celebrated 420 Festival coming live to you in Lagos,Nigeria.
Join the World to celebrate Nature!!!

Activities Includes:::

What is better than hearing "I love you"?....lmao

Image true! Nothing beats making money abeg.

Jinmi Abduls set to perform alongside Famous Bobson and DJ Smallz at #ROVE- The All Black Event!

Jinmi Abduls who was recently involved in a baby daddy drama, a rumour he has since denied is set to perform alongside Famous Bobson and DJ Smalls at ROVE----The All Black Event on April 30th at Vegas Night Club. He made the announcement on his instagram page with the caption above. I wish them well.

Lmao....see what Snapchat 'dog' filter did to this security officer!

Jesus Christ......this is cruelty in human heart! lol. Since Snapchat has made almost everybody dogs of different species, the security officer doesn't want to be left

O.M.G! Popular social media influencer and A&R, Bizzle Osikoya endorses Hyrish Blog.....yay!

Yay! I woke up to this very interesting and amazing news which has already made my day. Popular media influencer and A&R, Bizzle Osikoya who once managed Naeto C under Storm Records, social media accounts of the defunct Mo'Hits on every platform and also helped launch careers of artists like Korede Bello and others retweeted two of my posts links on twitter and also followed me *winks* and also told me that my blog could be bigger while advising me to get reps from other universities.

When Yoruba boys finish toasting you.....lmao!


'Team Syndicate', a 300level class group comes up with a super cool advert for Apple

'Team Syndicate' is a 300level Mass Comm group that came up with this very hilarious and super cool advert for Apple. This is not for any monetary purpose, just a group work for a course project. Students are so creative, the advert features MTV Shuga star, Olumide Oworu, ANUCA-nominated fashionista, Ochije Ifeanyi, current BUSA First Lady, Akprherhe Lois and next BUSA First Lady, Ofuya Karinate, Idowu Micheal, David Omife, Osikoya Omobonike and Odigho Ewomazino. Great minds, watch and enjoy!

I went for Jenifa's Diary audition yesterday.....and here was what happened!

Wassup guys, I couldn't post anything yesterday which I am so sorry about but the reason is quite understandable. I went for Jenifa's Diary Audition in Lagos and it was a hella stressful day for me, the crowd was massive but it was worth the wait. Quite a few Babcock students attended the audition and we bonded well with other  people there. For the first time in my life, I got to meet Funke Akindele(my idol....those who know me well know I live for her!) and she touched my laps, O.M.G! I felt like She gave me a wide smile which made me so calm. Some stars of Jenifa's Diary were also present and trust me, they were all humble and calm.

#Breaking: Famous Bobson is withdrawing from school!

I have been hearing rumours about this before but I guess a video he posted on his Snapchat just proved the rumours right. If you look closely at the form below the phone and you check the upper part of it, you will see 'Student Withdrawal Form' but you might not see it clearly because I took a screenshot from the video. The reasons for his withdrawal are best known to him. I don't know if he is changing school or dropping out totally to pursue something else but anyways, Hyrish wishes him luck in his further endeavours in life. Check out an up-close pic after the cut...

Kako Johnson and Lois, biko stop making us jealous

Don't they just look cute together? Beautiful couple!

Jesus Christ! Check out this harsh response a fan gave Wizkid on twitter

Jesus Christ! This got me rolling on the floor. Many people have been saying Wizkid wasn't on the song at all or maybe Drake reduced the volume when it got to his own

Photo: Check out the aerial view of the proposed 'ghen ghen' swimming pool

Here is the aerial view of the proposed swimming pool which is said to be ready by hand over of power from Kako Johnson to Joshua Ante. Let's hope it is ready by then but this is really beautiful and massive if I must say! Photo credit: Instagram/bugist_official

Medicine students leave for India today.......bon voyage guys!

Here is wishing all Medicine students that will be travelling to India today a safe journey. I pray you guys land safely in India and stay safe throughout in Jesus name. I love y'all and please, take care of our next BUSA President for us ooo

Famous Bobson set to open Youtube vlog about love, relationships, cheating, etc.

Hmmmm....seems Famous Bobson's mood is making him open a Youtube vlog about love, relationships, heart breaks, cheating and misunderstanding. I posted a few of his tweets that made it seem like he had issues with his 'bae' here sometimes last week. Well, with this announcement he made on twitter, it seems like his love life is sagging.

Hilarious tweet of the day!

As shared on instagram by blogger and BU graduate, Seun People do this a lot!

Photo: Idowu Micheal a.k.a Neezer and his ghen ghen blazer be giving us Sabbath blaze

Idown Michael popularly known as Neezer is a 300level Mass Comm student whose fashion sense is commendable. He was one of the best dressed at the MCSA Dinner. That blazers is blazing!

Photo: Make-up is sorcery.....what a transformation!

This is What a transformation!

Oh dear! Have you guys seen these extremely sexy photos of Odize Karyn? If no, please get in here.

Odize Karyn who is an ambassador of Three Kings Empire shared these dashing photos on her IG page. These pictures are head-bursting and extremely sexy. Such a banging body. Continue to see more breath-taking photos....

Popular twitter account, @keepmeanonn is back and not here to play!

Most of you remember the popular account that was known for letting people air their opinions about others while remaining anonymous , the account was deleted a while back but they're back now . So make sure to follow them again

Video: 'Ready' by Adekunle Gold, directed by Adasa Cookey

Adekunle Gold is such a hit maker. After blessing us with songs like Shade, Orente and Pick Up, he is finally 'Ready' to bless us with an album too. This video for his latest jam 'ready' was directed by Adasa Cookey for Squareball Media. Watch and enjoy!

Hyrish wishes y'all a safe trip and happy holidays ahead

Exams are finally over. I am so happy the semester has come to an end even though it's not officially over but most students are done with their exams today. Here is wishing y'all a safe trip to your various destinations and a sweet holiday. Enjoy the break, be safe and for those people(like me)  who will be going for their Industrial Training, please be safe at work and make as many friends as you can.

Quote of the day by Maya Angelou

"When people show you who they are, believe them."- Maya Angelou.

BabcockUniGist garners 13,000 followers on instagram

Babcock's no.1 instagram page, @babcockunigist has garnered 13,000 followers on IG. This page has really grown to become a very superb online campus platform. Nice one guys!

Popular campus photographer, Seye Kehinde Jnr. pens multi-million naira deal with Donzelli Management Group in London

Seye Kehinde Jr.(300level Mass Comm) is the son of business mogul and owner, City People Media Entreprise, Seye Kehinde. Seye Kehinde Jr. is one of the most popular students on campus whose influence on some things cannot be denied. His passion for photography has made him to push further and God has finally rewarded his hardwork. He just signed a deal with Donzelli Management Group in London and the deal sums up to a whopping 1.4million naira. He will be paid N350,000 per term and he has four terms. Congrats Seye, omo na to dey famz Seye now Continue to see more photos from his official shoot for Donzelli....

Chase Music presents the visuals of Pose remix by Jinmi Abduls feat. BOJ

Popular campus music act, Jinmi Abduls who is under Chase Music has finally released the visuals for the remix of his hit song, 'Pose' featuring BOJ. The video was directed by Theophilus King, this is one of the best videos I have seen in a while. Watch and enjoy!

Open letter to all BUSA officials who were/are offended by the posts I shared about the embezzlement drama

I shared two posts here about what two different students shared on their different sites(you missed them? catch them up HERE and HERE) about BUSA embezzling 42.2million naira. Well, the post has since gone viral as many students have been calling me and sending me texts to confirm if the story was true. Now let me put it straight, I didn't write any of the posts by myself, I only shared the posts as shared on Magnique and Lockedboxes(which has been deleted by the author). I made it clear that I didn't know what the whole thing was about and that I was going to try to find out more about the case.

One of my BFFs, Adepoju Abosede Esther is a year older today

Adepoju Abosede Esther is a 300level Mass Comm student and she is one of the very few people who truly love and support me for who I am, today is her birthday. Happy birthday to her. Love you so much Bose *kizzez*

Yipee! my little sister, Princess Royinsola is a year older today....too fashionable for a nine year old girl!

My cute little sister who is also the lastborn of our house is 9 years old today. Happy birthday to her, I wish her long life and prosperity. She is such a fashionista, she slays anytime mehn. Check out more of her photos after the cut...

Joke of the year! Check out the hilarious post Iperu Campus posted on their official IG page about the whole BUSA embezzlement scandal

I shared a post here about BUSA building an amazing sports park and swimming pool(you missed it? go HERE). Days after, drama erupted from Law campus about BUSA embezzlement and all which sparked different reactions from different people. Well, their official IG page at Iperu campus shared their opinion and it was really hilarious. "Can it cure leprosy" killed Iperu students will not leave BUSA alone abi? lmao

Dear Hyrish readers, Funke Akindele wants you to help keep Olaoluwa a.k.a Dr. Lulu alive!

I usually don't do this but I am doing it because it was posted by Funke Akindele and she claims to know the patient. Please, show your love and support for Olaoluwa(Dr. Lulu) by donating any amount towards his treatment.

Crystal and Platinum Hall residents suffer power outage and lack of water.....rain water is the new cool!

According to multiple sources that reached out to Hyrish, Crystal and Platinum Hall has been suffering from lack of water and light. Some of the students now go to their friends hall to sleep because of exams, most of them have resorted to storing rain water for use.

Whoever said Medicine students are anti-social was definitely not referring to Joshua Ante....check him out as he 'boogies' down!

That was at the Babcock Association of Medicine Students' Dinner which held on February 14th. Really dancing like he knew he was going to lead BUSA for seven months.

BUSA President-elect, Joshua Ante speaks on his win for the first time since results were announced....thanks supporters and a host of others!

BUSA President-elect, Joshua Ante has spoken for the first time since news broke out that he won the BUSA Presidential election. According to what he shared on his instagram page, he said he wanted it to be officially out before saying anything. So you mean after that ghen ghen lunch you had with your peeps at BGH to celebrate your win, you were still waiting for it to be official abi? lol.....apologies accepted as far my Karinate remains the First Lady *winks* I play too much. Anyways, congrats Joshua. Read what he wrote below;
Sorry this is coming late I wanted it to be officially out before saying anything. First of all I would like to thank and appreciate God almighty for his favor and faithfulness in making this possible. I would like to thank my campaign manager @debbrraa and also my campaign team for the exceptional work and most especially the wonderful students that gave me their support and votes without God working through you beautiful people it wouldn't have been pos…

Did Ceejay Stoppa just confirm that he has a child? Check out what he posted on instagram and be the judge

For those who don't know Ceejay Stoppa(I doubt there's any tho), you can check him out HERE or HERE. This rumour has been circulating for a while now and I even posted it under one of the 'Rumour Has It' segment. Well, according to a post he shared on instgram nine weeks ago, it seems like the rumours might be true. He shared the photo of  a cute baby girl with the caption above but something caught my attention which is "...for some reasons she didnt let me but that's cool".

#TuesdayHotness featuring one of the hottest models on campus, Oke Akinkunle

Oke Akinkunle is one of the hottest boys on campus and as a matter of fact, one of the hottest models too. I decided to share some of his 'ghen ghen' pictures with you since most of my readers are girls *winks* Continue after the cut to see more photos...

Photo: Babcock graduate, Seun Abiona is smoking hot and fierce

This guy is really on his way to becoming the next Denrele Edun. Really weird but lively, he shared the photo on his instagram page with his over 3,000 followers. I love that tank top.

Is Famous Bobson having issues with his 'bae'? Check out his tweets!

As tweeted by him.....

Danny Brownz gushes about his new girlfriend on instagram...calls her his major key and inspiration

Danny Brownz posted the picture of this beautiful lady on his IG page and captioned it "Let me use this opportunity to introduce my First Lady. Major πŸ”‘.My inspiration for my new positive attitude.
I appreciate you." I said it under one of the 'Rumour Has It' segment that Danny Brownz and Debisi's relationship might have hit the rocks well I guess this post just confirmed it.