First Class Experience: Read the inspiring story of a first class Stallion Graduating Student

I think BU Gist is doing something like a series on #MyGradStory. Anyways, they shared this amazing story of one of the first class Stallion Graduating students and I decided to share it with you guys. Read and enjoy;
It was at that point the saddest day of my life when i heard the words "get ready u are going to babcock in august" i cried my eyes out. I came to babcock with the mindset that i would stay for 4yrs and not put in any real effort as long as i dont have extra year. By the end of 100l i was on a first class yet it dodnt bulge my mind set. By 300l i realised that i could make a first class if i put in more effort. However in second semester was a tough one as i even prepared to drop to a 2.1. I prayed so hard nd surprisingly i had my best result ever that year. By the time the result for 400l first semester was released i had drastically dropped, i went back to God and said it would be a shame to Your name Lord if after all these years i drop to a 2.1. in my last semester. When i heard my name was in the program for first class i was so grateful to God. My case was different because i had a great family, the best boyfriend and the most supportive friends. 
*These stories are really motivational and I will keep sharing more 


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