From an 'A' level drop out to a First Class and Faculty Best Graduating Student. Read the inspiring story of Ronke, a Stallion Graduating Class student

Ronke and her boyfriend made waves after graduating as a first class couple. Well, she just took to her instagram page some hours ago to share her story. I was moved to tears because I also did 'A' level and oh! the result-----fa fa fuu! Read her story below and be inspired;
Four years ago, I took the bold step into the Department of Public Health at Babcock University. It was a bold step for me because I had just dropped out of A level school. I lost faith in myself. While in high school, I 'struggled' to pass. A lot of people may not believe this, but the As or Bs and even Cs I got in secondary school came as a struggle. I didn't like science courses at all. But I wasnt moving anywhere. I was one of those girls people believe have 'science brain' (whatever that means). Anyway after WAEC and JAMB I didn't know what I wanted to study. There were too many options but thank God for foresight, I knew I wouldn't enjoy those courses. Went to A level for a year and dropped out 2 months to my finals. Then one day in my dad's office post A level drop out, I was looking at courses on the internet and Public health caught my attention. It was like 'Ronke this one is for you!' My parents were skeptical cos not a lot of people knew or even now, know about Public health. Fast forward to August 2012 and I resumed at Babcock University. In my first year, I purposed within my heart that I will not just graduate ordinarily. I had to make my folks proud and myself. My life was a mix of academics and social (@zikarr_ puhlease shattap). I didn't play too much tho. Different points I got stressed out, misunderstood, insulted, dealt with. But I refused to give up. Up till my fourth year, day of defence, I still cried my eyes out lol. A lot of water passed under the bridge for me and the point is it wasn't easy! I hope one day I can tell my story properly to young girls and boys, to inspire someone. Four years after my A level drop out, I've been able to graduate with a First class degree in Public health, the Departments academic award for highest GPA, the Dean's academic award for highest GPA in my Faculty, outstanding achievement award for representing my Uni at competition, several other awards, a great partner, an awesome squad, friends, experience, better knowledge and more blessings. My advice to everyone still in Uni, keep your head in the game. Have fun but wise fun. I'm grateful for a lot including your support. #MondayMotivation #OyeronkesStory


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