Plot twist: Y'all remember the final year Economics student who got engaged? Well, her name is Glory Animeje and the guy she's engaged to is a father of two kids!

I broke the news about a final year Economics student getting engaged on her birthday (read HERE). Well, the girl has been identified as the 'Almighty' Glory Animeje, the very beautiful one. I'm so happy for her but there's a plot twist here. According to the IG page of the guy she's engaged to, he has kids- a boy and a girl. He has flaunted them a few times on his IG page. See below....

Whether the guy has kids or not, he's definitely in love with Glory. Sharing the engagement photo below on his IG page, he wrote;

"When I met you,
I met my destiny.
My one true love,
You'll always be.
If you feel the same,
And I truly hope you do,
There's something very important,
That I want to ask of you.
Instead of "you" and "I,"
Let's become "we."
I'm asking you to share my life,
Will you marry me?❤️And She YES! To me. @anablaxc"
Glory's IG page is under lock and key for and I don't follow her but my eagle eyes went to her avi and it was a pic of her hand with the engagement ring and that of a friend holding her hand. See photo below....

Goodluck Glory and I wish you a happy married life in advance. Be nice to those kids too *wink*


  1. I hope she won't do nollywood movie for those children ooo, cos she dey bully die.

  2. likeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
    if tosin ife and keji can be doing chores for her who born the children not to rinse her bum bum.
    fine girl NO DOUBT. BULLY AYE!!!!!
    Now she is engaged tosin mohammed ife and keji alfred will be worshiping her . QUEEN MOTHER
    Tiri gbosa for her o. MAMA NI YEN.

    CONGRATS TO HER ON HER ENGAGEMENT I FELICITATE WITH HER. Have a nice boss life.sha make sure you give birth with your expired ovaries and dont kill another womans product.
    CONGRATS GLORY!!!!!!!!!

    1. fuck, dont use your mouth to destroy your blessings abeg, those working for her did they complain no, whats your business then. anyway youre still a kid and you would marry lets see how your own would be. haba God forgive you tho.

  3. Hyrish I hail u ooo. u too good infact u triple much!!!!!!!!!!! see as you take do research, u deserve a handshake from me

  4. She is just 20 and rushing into a marriage like wtf. I pray she is not all those girls whose eyes are too big. If the guy has the kids she should wise up and pull out before its too late. He even looks old enough to be their father. I don't know why she can't just chill but oh well. Its her business, we can only say what we think, we can't force her to be smart

  5. dear mr or mrs anonymous are her mates not married with kids? abi why are people so somehow like this, honestly how can u guys just conclude she is engaged to a man with kids , i dont understand nigerians at all . people can not just be happy for someone .... glory 19 or 20 or even 18 sef enjoy urself its ur life o . people would just be coming up with daft conclusions! if he has kids u think he would like to make his enagaement to her public? think !


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