Re: Recently engaged final year student, Glory Animeje's fiance is not a father afterall...must read!!!

Earlier this week, I shared a post about Glory Animeje's engagement and also stated that her fiance was a father of two kids according to his IG posts (read HERE). Well, one of her close friends reached out to me yesterday to clear the air. The children the guy keeps flaunting on IG are his brother's children and not his but it's not my fault anyways cos he captioned one of the photos "love my kids..." See that below...

In this jet age where social media reigns supreme, it's very easy to be misunderstood. Glory, I am truly sorry if the former post has in anyway or by any means hurt you, I was simply doing my job. Once again, happy married life in advance. That said, can we all now focus on something else? *wink*


  1. i just knew he didn't have kids , he wouldn't have put up his engagement pictures on his Instagram page if he had kids. i am truly happy for glory !!! happy married life in advance and pls stay with him so you do not give people something bad to say about u again . u deserve to be happy every one does.

  2. "Glory, I am truly sorry if the former post has in anyway or by any means hurt you, I was simply doing my job"

    Means that you won't have minded hurting her if not that her friend cleared the air. You people can't just be happy for someone without finding something to use to water down their happiness. Continue

    1. Dear Sir/Ma, you probably misinterpreted me. Kindly re-read. Thanks!

  3. Mr hyrish,you should always try to confirm your gist before posting or just put your assumptions under rumours.

  4. Don't blame hyrish, like you didn't believe too, who writes 'I love my kids' when they are not yours.

  5. Sad K-snap sorry


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