BUSA Officials storm V.C's house in their uniforms and refuse to eat at the V.C's dinner....the reason will 'wow' you

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The V.C's annual dinner held yesterday at the V.C's lodge. The event was meant to be filled with glitz and glamour but reverse was the case. The BUSA officials went for the event in their official uniforms and while it was time  for the general assessment of the school, BUSA Welfare Director, Oloye, who spoke on behalf of other BUSA officials, made it clear to the school authority that they were fed up of being insulted by students because of the lack of provision of basic ammenities such as light, water, etc. 

He listed a few (out of many) issues that students have been complaining about such as waking students up to sign room check (which is totally absurd), lack of microwaves, delay in distribution of tablets, etc. To end his serious and sensitive speech, he told the school that it would be nice to dissolve BUSA if BUSA isn't going to be given the power they deserve. The V.C and the principal officers pleaded with the officials and promised to make things right.

They all promised not to eat anything but the V.C's wife had to plead with them to eat and out of respect, some ate while some didn't even though the BUSA Sponsor threatened that whoever refuses to eat should turn in his/her resignation letter today *sigh*

Let's hope things work the way BUSA plans. BUSA is working so hard behind the scenes but we never get to see these efforts which makes us feel like they are inactive. Let's show them some love and support because that is the only kind of encouragement they need right now,.


  1. lmfao. scrap BUSA scrap Babcock. its basic synergy.

  2. I think they are trying their best but as we all know Babcock is not owned by one person so if u want to attack it has to come from the top they have a policy that they follow nd to be honest BUSA is just there for decoration cos right from begining but let us pray that something will be done welcome BUSA we are behind u

  3. See why do we like deceiving ursyf politics.......how u even now day they no chop if I hear say they no go chop....

  4. Why all these deceit campaign after election.....is Busa just knowing these hmm mm. .......please we are not fools

  5. They no hungry na


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