Campus blogger, Adeola Omoye clears the air on why Chuza Declan was missing on her 20 most influential Babcock students list.

For those who didn't know, Adeola Omoye of AOB released a list of 20 most influential students in Babcock University (which I was a part of by the  and noticeably, Chuza's name was absent. She took to her site to explain the reason Chuza's name wasn't on the list, her explanation doesn't suffice but who are we to decide? She wrote;
After this list came out, see messages and phone calls. Why is chuza not on the list? Who is Abisoye? Blah blah blah blah....
"No 1 should be Chuza boo. TBH, he pulled off the biggest show ever in bu with just 2 weeks of hype.Nd also did a house party that was sold out across a lot of universities, and a whole semester of sold out club tour he deserves the no 1 spot."-one of Chuza's fan.
Sure I know Chuza deserves to be on this list. There is Iperu campus too, we can't have all 20 students from the main campus that is why Abisoye is there. It is not a matter of publishing a list that is when you will know Chuza is influential. He is one Babcock's biggest guy. 
I don't have any beef with Chuza. I am one of his biggest fan, I love his music and the wave he is making. I even have his songs on my phone and I love that Chidinma song like die. The list wasn't combined by only me, I have a team I work with.
Another list is coming out this week "upcoming celebrities to watch out for in Babcock".


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