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How did we ever miss these lovely birthday photos of 200level MassComm student, Falade Moyinoluwa

Moyin was 18 years old sometimes in May and she had a photoshoot to that effect. She looks really stunning in these photos! More after the jump...

Food PORN: Who would want to miss any of these?

Continue to see the second one. I think I'll prefer the first one but with fried meat instead if the dried fish. Second pic after the jump...

Once a pumpkin! Y'all need to see this epic throwback photo of popular campus student, Claudia Mofaz

Choi, this can only be God. Claudia recently shared the pic on IG to celebrate her birthday. She's grown into a beautiful young lady! PS: Never mind my caption, just kidding!

Famous Bobson and Ycee fuel collaboration rumours as they hang out together (photo)

These two have been hanging out a lot lately. This is coming after they sparked rumours of a possible collaboration (read HERE). The collabo won't be a bad one, so we anticipate!

Exclusive! Chuza Declan refutes claims of threatening campus blogger, Adeola Omoye

Just last week, Adeola Omoye claimed she received a threat from someone claiming to be Chuza's squad member (read HERE) and she responded to the threat via a shady IG post (read HERE).

Lol. Controversial ex-Babcock student, Iky Plim claims Wizkid saved his number and he got a WhatsApp BC from him

This is according to Michael Osuji, popularly known as Iky Plim. He says Wizkid actually saved his phone number and he got a WhatsApp BC from him. He also boasted about just getting the latest number two weeks back. Issokay!

Fresh Babcock graduate, Abraham 'Tinko' Tomiwa stuns in new promotional photos for ResussTV

Tomiwa recently shared these stunning photos via her IG page. They are from her shoot for an upcoming show on ResussTV, I can't wait to see what the shows about. You rock sweetie! More photos...

Dr Sexy! BUAMS President, Odugbesan Muyiwa shows off his perfectly toned abs as he hits the beach (photos)

Muyiwa's stripper ego came out as he shared these photos of himself shirtless in IG. Those abs are to die for, ladies oya na! More photos...

Photos from Famous Bobson's recent interview with TVC's Entertainment Splash

Famous Bobson was at the TVC studio to tape an interview on Entertainment Splash and of course, he shared pictures and clips on social media. Famous Bobson is becoming famous! Another pic...

Wow, y'all see these breath-taking make-up photos of fresh Babcock graduate, Otiora Precious

Precious looks so frigging nice in these photos. Whoever did the shoot deserves proper props from Anna Wintour lol. More photos...

Fresh Babcock graduate cum rapper, Umusu Kevwe releases new photos to celebrate birthday

Kevwe was a year older yesterday and to celebrate the big day, she shared these photos with Hyrish. The photos are from a shoot she had with PraiseThatPhotograoher titled 'K E V W E'en.  She looks really nice in the photos. More photos...

Unbothered! Adeola Omoye responds to the threat she allegedly received from a member of Chuza's squad

This is interesting. Earlier on, I shared a post about Adeola receiving a threat from a guy claiming to be from Chuza (read HERE). Well, after sharing a shady post on her blog, Adeola has also taken to IG to make it clear that she doesn't respond to threats and also defended herself by saying she only made speculations...

This can only be love! The sweet birthday message BUSA Social Director, Kareem Baaqi composed for his bae, Wendy Kuyoro will leave y'all with goose bumps

This love gat me tripping lol. Today is Wendy's birthday and for those who don't know, she the love of Baaqi's life. He took to his IG pag  to share some really sweet and romantic words to celebrate her. Read on after the jump...

Ghen Ghen! Campus blogger, Adeola Omoye receives intense threat from an alleged Chuza squad member

Summer is about to get lit. So here's what happened - Adeola shared a post on her blog speculating that Wisdom Lanre Jr and Chuza might be in a gay relationship because of the witty IG post sharer by Lanre. This obviously didn't go down well with Chuza as Adeola has taken to her blog to share screenshots of her chat with someone claiming to be from Chuza.

"Kindly read John 1:1" - Chuza Declan reacts to Wisdom Lanre Jr calling him his WCW

Wisdom, for whatever reason, took to IG to share a pic of Chuza Declan, referring to him as his WCW, a term normally used for women. Well, Chuza reacted to the post by dropping a comment which reads "Jesus Christ... my brother in the lord, is everything okay? Kindly read John ch 1 Vs 1" LOL

Hmm, hmm. Issorai! Fresh male Babcock graduate, Wisom Lanre Jr posts Chuza Declan as his 'WCW'

Wisdom took to IG to post a photo of Chuza Declan and captioned it "#WCW" with two emojis. While that might been a playful innocent post, it should be of note that Wisdom also wished a friend, Adejimi Adebo a happy birthday and also tagged the photo "WCW". He could be goofing around...


The gale gale crooner  "Tipsy Araga" is back for the summer with a different sound to get you to the dance floor ,as  he drops witty lines on his verse. Just after the short break from he has decided to drop an EP for his fans, who long anticipated for his come back. He releases  "Hey Ma " which features bizzu who lays down a sweet melody which the ladies would find hard to resist . This is off his 3 track EP titled Araga (the EP) which is set to drop sooner than we think . Bbanks came through with the different vibe of the beat. This jam would get you grooving . Abi ogboooo !!! .Download, listen and drop your comments.
To download, go to >>>>

Exclusive! Alleged serial debtor, Odusote David Tomide boastfully refutes claims of owing anyone a dime, says he has never borrowed any money higher than 30k in his entire life. Must read!!!

The past week hasn't particularly been the best for Tomide, who has been accused of owing a lot of money summing up to over 300k and also cunningly taking a girl's iPhone (read HERE and HERE). He didn't respond to the claims shared by an unknown IG user but Hyrish was able to exclusively obtain a voicenote he sent to an anonymous student. According to him, he isn't owing anybody (but didn't we see screenshots? just asking...) and he doesn't care what anyone has to say about the whole issue. Appaz, he loves the publicity (well, Hyrish always makes and doesn't have time for an online battle. Read what he said below and judge;
I have never borrowed any money higher than N50,000 in my life and even the N50,000, nah N50,000 is too much, I have never borrowed more than N30,000 in my life and it's going to be like in intervals, maybe I'm owing you 10 and everybody I've ever owed, I've given them. It's some issue  I have with one g…

Eh-ya! Fresh Babcock graduate, Imanatue Obehi who lost her dad to brain cancer on her graduation day shares emotional tribute to him!

This is really sad. Obehi is a very good friend of mine, she graduated from the Mass Communication department of Babcock University on June 4 and she equally lost her dad to brain cancer on that day. She wasn't informed tho, she only got to know about it later. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name! Read the emotional tribute she shared via IG....
How on earth would we have known this will happen a year after you survived the February bristow helicopter crash even when people died from the same crash a year before, you're highly favored by God dad. Dad you were such a strong man, fighter and survivor. My daddy, mr tiger woods Nigeria, your love for golf and how you made us play golf from primary school and at the end no one got interested but at least we tried,lol.  Daddy we were never the closest but I love you ❤️. Who is going to come and knock at my room door at 12pm and say 'ob you still dey sleep'? The only person that calls me OB GIRL. I'm…

Example of an 'ode' talk! Terrence Mayana says he wants to make a million dollars first before making heaven

Whatever happened to seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and letting other things follow? Well, what do we know? He shared the image above via IG and captioned it "Don't get it twisted ➰" I don't think there's anything to get twisted here sha, it's simply a case of misplaced priorities but hey! whatever rocks anybody's boat mehn...

Feelings! Nathan Rexx shares photo to depict his feeling. Like....

Nathan shared the photo above on his IG page and captioned it "Feelings..." *walks out of post*

5years, 1week, 2 gowns! Former BUSA Senate President, Olajide Ibukun reminisces on being a Babcock student

Ibukun shared a series of photos on IG to celebrate his graduation and wrote "5years, 1week, 2gowns. Great friends, good and bad memories, lessons learnt, greater things to come by Gods grace.
@simply_ibk issa graduate. God is awesome." Huge congrats to him!

Togun Olamide steps out in style (photo)

Olamide stepped out in a stylish traditional outfit and shared a pic on IG. He captioned it "Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are" Nice!

Photos: The body on 300l Mcom student, Usman Funmilola tho!

Her body is amazing, she should be a model!

Ambitio et gratia presents the 'Sweet Mother' Project

On the 3rd of July, we will be paying tribute to all Loving and Sacrificial Mothers out there by supporting a Special Family of 4 Toddlers and their Struggling Mother in Need of our help.
Join #AMBITIO on the #SweetMother Project!
Please assist with:
-Donations to help mother start her business
-Cash for kids School Fees
-School/Study Materials
We have a budget of N200,000
Your support is needed, nothing is too small..

Oh-Oh! Seems popular campus music act, Tima aka Miss Cocobanana is heart-broken. See what she shared on IG...

Seems the Medicine student cum music artiste is heart-broken. Anyone knows what's going on? Read what she shared below;
Love is like d strongest cure to a damaged heart ,and at the same time the strongest disease that can make a good / previously damaged heart suffer ischemia /infarct . But this time you don't die the weak can become schizophrenic and the strong would go thru a phase call the re-birth phase .

Awww! y'all see this beautiful photo of fresh Babcock graduate, Ozioma Okafor

You know what they say not being full dressed without a smile yh? This pic is so lovely...

Yay! Hope FM's Kaffy is getting married today...

Kaffy, the one behind the beautiful voice we hear every morning from Monday to Friday on Hope 89.1fm is getting married today. Huge congrats to her and here's wishing her a happy married life!

...And the plot thickens! Another IG user exposes more of David Tomide Odusote's dark secrets, claims he used a girl's iPhone to settle his own debt! (Must read!!!)

This Tomide guy sure has a lot of drama hovering around him at the moment. Yesterday, Hyrish shared a story on Tomide was owing over 200k and bragging that he wasn't owing anyone amongst all the numerous secrets that were revealed (read HERE). Well, another IG user @lost.savage has also come out to reveal more of Tomide's secrets. The user talked about how Tomide almost implicated the guy he's owing money by attemptng to lie against him when he tapped him for his money. The user also claimed that he collected a girl's iPhone and lied to her that he would help her fix it, meanwhile he went to use the girl's phone as a collateral to borrow money. Sigh! See the whole drama below;
This is from @casted_universe People are wicked! How can someone take money from his school fees to help his guy @tomidee_ in trouble!! Settle his debt and collect his phone back from people he is owing. Then Gets to school blocks his number since February 27th till now! Been posting him the…

BULAS PRO, Ekpebe Joel is a year older today!!!

Joel is a year older today. Here's wishing him a happy birthday, enjoy your day Joel!

Yay! seems there's an upcoming collaboration between Famous Bobson and Ycee

Things are getting a lot rosy for Famous Bobson and I honestly can't wait to see him on top. After performing at Mr Eazi's concert and dishing out hit singles, it seems like he's working on something with Ycee. After sharing a few snaps of himself chilling with Ycee via IG stories, the duo were found saying something about a new joint on twitter. See below;

Chuza Declan reminisces on the first time he was sprayed money while performing

Chuza took to his IG page to share the throwback photo above and talked about how it was a memorable night. He wrote;
#Tbt major highlight for me #2015 It was Babcock University Mass communication departmental night.  The love they showed made me believe in myself and in my music.

Exclusive! Nathan Rexx and his girlfriend, Ndas Indagiju are 'reportedly' planning on getting married and starting a family soon

The flame of love between Nathan and his girlfriend, Ndas keeps getting higher and higher as time goes by. According to a source close to the couple who spoke to Hyrish anonymously, Nathan and Ndas plan on getting married soon and start a family as soon as Ndas graduates. The reports are unconfirmed, so they could be true or untrue, howbeit there is no smoke without fire. So, in case we see them getting married soon, keep it in mind that you heard it here first *wink*