Drama Alert! IG user exposes David Tomide Odusote, student who's owing over 200k, refused to pay and is busy lying to girls to sleep with them. Must read!!!

There's a nuclear explosion on IG right now and I'm not sure I could take it if I was in Tomide's shoes. So here's the gist - Tomide apparently borrowed a sum of over 200k from a friend in Computer Science Department named Michael and he has refused to pay. According to the leaked chats, Michael has been pestering Tomide for the money and Tomide has been sounding remorseful but has been bragging to others that he isn't owing anybody. Apparently, he also owes two different guys a sum of 50k and 40k respectively but has been supposedly balling in Escape. An IG account has been exposing him for three days now and it's juicy! See all of the leaked chats and drama after the jump...

*That's the chat between David Tomide and the guy he's owing*

*Chat between the people he's owing 50k and 40k*

*Chat between David Tomide ans his supposed female best friend*
According to the IG page;
"He became best friends just to fuck her...and this is what Tomide had to said.... lied about owing the money denied it and then insulted the person he is owing all for what so he could gain street cred and get in her pants."
After the news broke out, Tomide had to change his IG handle but he was nabbed. See below;

Read more on what all the not-so-nice stuffs that were said about him, how he lies about what he doesn't own and how he keeps borrowing to live up to his numerous lies. Read below;
"David Tomide Odusote!!" The Boy using the iPhone 6 Plus and apparently bought 6s for his babe ( it was a lie he used to beg for sex from an A level girl who turned him down at 1G4) which isn't even his babe but a girl he has been begging to be with him. Bought her aba slides which she has never worn and as she heard he was lying with her name... said if she sees him she would slap him and throw the dead slides on his face" ladies can you see.. later he would hit you up flashing his iPhone 6 Plus and the borrowed clothes and u would be falling saying he has money. Would you prefer a honest and moderate guy or David Tomide Odusote!
David Tomide you've been owing more than 200k since February but he goes around flaunting and stunting like he has money. While he borrows and lies to people even after he is caught he still denies it owing or even doing anything wrong. Because he is the only son he believes the world is his playground!


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