Eh-ya! Fresh Babcock graduate, Imanatue Obehi who lost her dad to brain cancer on her graduation day shares emotional tribute to him!

This is really sad. Obehi is a very good friend of mine, she graduated from the Mass Communication department of Babcock University on June 4 and she equally lost her dad to brain cancer on that day. She wasn't informed tho, she only got to know about it later. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name! Read the emotional tribute she shared via IG....
How on earth would we have known this will happen a year after you survived the February bristow helicopter crash even when people died from the same crash a year before, you're highly favored by God dad. Dad you were such a strong man, fighter and survivor. My daddy, mr tiger woods Nigeria, your love for golf and how you made us play golf from primary school and at the end no one got interested but at least we tried,lol.
 Daddy we were never the closest but I love you ❤️. Who is going to come and knock at my room door at 12pm and say 'ob you still dey sleep'? The only person that calls me OB GIRL. I'm going to miss our little fights on Sunday morning when I'm always ready late and then after our quarrel, you will tell me I look beautiful in our local dialect. Who is going to buy suya or bbq fish and chips for us every night from the golf club? Dad you can be so cute in a wierd way. Who's going to bribe ose and ona with some cash and airtime when you want them to snitch on us?.
Daddy why did you have to go a day before my convocation, I couldn't get a congratulatory message before you died😭. I just remembered last year during the thanksgiving service for the helicopter crash when mum made the makeup artist apply foundation on your face and you're like I'm going to write this down. Dad remember our first video call and we were just sitting side by side making that calls. My daddy and the words he uses sometimes, all those your warri slangs. My daddy, the ishan man that is so niger deltan. 
All the times I will say daddy I'm going out and you will just look at me and give me that face and say 'wetyn concern me, I hold you' 😂.. I'm going to miss you dad and all the few times we had together. All the times you will sense I'm not ok and you will say ob are you ok abi you and your mama dey fight again?.All the times we will not allow you watch football upstairs and we will make you go downstairs. Who's going to use your golf clubs now? I know God has created a big golf field for you with gold plated golf clubs and golf balls. A million more words to write dad. I love you forever dad and May God bless your soul. #braincancertookmydaddy #RIPdad🙏🏾 #obgirllovesyou❤️❤️😭


  1. Awwwwwwww am sorry about your loss dear, God would be a father to you IJN...Amen


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