Exclusive! Alleged serial debtor, Odusote David Tomide boastfully refutes claims of owing anyone a dime, says he has never borrowed any money higher than 30k in his entire life. Must read!!!

The past week hasn't particularly been the best for Tomide, who has been accused of owing a lot of money summing up to over 300k and also cunningly taking a girl's iPhone (read HERE and HERE). He didn't respond to the claims shared by an unknown IG user but Hyrish was able to exclusively obtain a voicenote he sent to an anonymous student. According to him, he isn't owing anybody (but didn't we see screenshots? just asking...) and he doesn't care what anyone has to say about the whole issue. Appaz, he loves the publicity (well, Hyrish always makes waves...lol) and doesn't have time for an online battle. Read what he said below and judge;
I have never borrowed any money higher than N50,000 in my life and even the N50,000, nah N50,000 is too much, I have never borrowed more than N30,000 in my life and it's going to be like in intervals, maybe I'm owing you 10 and everybody I've ever owed, I've given them. It's some issue  I have with one guy like this, I have beef with one guy; so he told me was going to destroy my image and shit like that  and I'm like I'm not (pauses) what do you want to do? Like, you are a small boy, I'm 22 years and you don't expect me to be dragging with you over internet. 
Do you think I'm Linda Ikeji and Wizkid? Like WTF? I ain't gon do that with you, so he told me that he's gonna post up shit, so I was expecting it so when I saw it...I didn't see it at first, it was some guys that came to meet me and were like "Tomide, what's going on? We are seeing some shit being posted up by some guys like this on Hyrish blog" and I'm like really? Are you serious? So when I checked the..(pauses) At first, immediately I saw it, my normal flesh just became pissed but I was like why am I pissed? This guy just gave me fame because people that don't know me will know me now and when they now see me, they will now say it is not possible, this guy cannot owe somebody 300k because you cannot see me and say I'm owing someone 300k. WTF? Okay, who in Babcock has 300k that will borrow you in the first place and what collateral do you want to drop that 300k will cover for?
And besides, what do I want to use 300k for? I saw the shit posted about me stealing phone or something...WTF? This same guy that posted this shit up was part of the people that stole my phone during a weekend. He was part of the people that stole my phone for apartment that they couldn't pay for. Like, last semester, I had over N321,000 in my account, where do I want to see 300k from? They stole my 6 Plus, now I'm using another one, I bought a new phone already, I'm using a 6S Plus right now, so please how does that have to do....what do I need to borrow for when I have parents? I'm just, I'm curious. What do I need to borrow for? I mean anybody that believes the shit they put up there is definitely sick upstairs but theeennnn, it's fine because people only believe what they see but...people are expecting a response  from me.
Different people are calling me from (inaudible). Like, my phone has rang like 400 times today "Tomide, won't you respond? What's your response to this guy? and I'm like, my response to him is 'happy life', that's my response to him. I hope he's cool with whatever n he's doing because he's giving me fame and I'm not bothered. When anybody needs to understand what really happened, the person will walk up to me and  come and meet me "Tomide, I head this, are you the person that this happened to? What happened?" and I will explain to the person what really went down and the person will get his answer but that I will go online and start talking shit to the person back and forth, NO mahn! that's not gonna happen because I don't have that time.
And besides, I don't have the data for it. My data is for watching online games and playing games on my phone. I don't have time for...I ain't gat time for all these bullshit. Will I be doing all these tiran tiran nonsense on IG abi Hyrish? (hisses) Abeg, blog...bloggers write...you know, bloggers only put what you pay them to put so if I pay...the same blogger guy, if I call him now and tell him to put it down and I give him N30,000 and I tell him to post up a picture or the liar about the guy lying that I'm owing, he will do whatever I tell him to do so I'm not really bothered. It's just...it waters on fades away like the pushes, it's just there, so...you can tell your friends. Shii happens, I'm not bothered sha, it's all good!


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