Open letter to all Orion Graduating Students of 2017....Must read!!!

Ifeanyi, who is also a member of the Orion Graduating Class, took to Facebook to share a really motivational open letter. Well said, Ifeanyi! He wrote;
Dear Orions, we have achieved an important phase of our lives, let's not feel accomplished yet with all the "congratulations" coming from all the mouths of all the people we know, or feel relaxed and excited because of the luxurious gifts or cheques most of us recieved from our families. This is just the start of a new race. We are young, vibrant, full of vitality and this is the point we either make it or break it. I believe the big question "What next?" has popped up from everyone. Nevertheless, dont panic neither should you relax. Its time to fight! make good use of our heads! ... Think, work and pray!... Its time to reduce the number of snaps we make daily and focus on the plans we have for our future, its time to reduce the number of hours we spend on meaningless chats and social media rampants and get working . We just joined the huge number of unemployed graduates so create a job for yourself! 
Think of what u have passion for, think of what u can do to create a name for yourself, but dont shut the doors of servant leadership. Be opened to learn from others with all humility and respect will be yours soon. The pay doesnt matter now , just go for that job that gives u joy!! We must not all be Doctors, Lawyers or Accountants, Actors exists amongst us, Fashion designers, Chefs , Make-up Artists, Event Planners, Furniture makers.. Think ,think, think the sky is big enough for all Orions. 
Hard work is key!. Remember all we were thought at the unbearable times in our worship centres , if there is one thing to take out of it; it is to PUT GOD FIRST AND LIFE WILL BE MEANINGFUL... We would be proud to say "the President of Nigeria was my course mate", "Arh I know that multi million dollar blogger, he was my freind" , "Yeah that Artist was my roommate, she used to love going to cafe!" Lol.... Our decisions today would be a clear reflection of our tomorrow, act wisely! 
Go into the world Orion and lets make names for ourselves...SHINE ORION SHINE !!!! "


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