Whoever knew that CEO Classic World Concepts, Ajadi Ayodeji Paul had a daughter? See photos of the lil cutie here!!!

Ayodeji just graduated from Babcock University and while he must have portrayed himself as a matured person throughout his stay in the school, it's still somehow shocking that he had a daughter and we didn't know about it. He made the revelation on IG when sharing some of his grad pics and captioned one of them "Anne, we made it!#mydaughter #graduation." She's such a cutie! He also shared a photo of  a lady who might be the mother of his child or his wife. See those photos after the jump...

He captioned this "With the three most important women...#Oriongraduatingclass #babcockuniversity"


  1. Hyrish oh!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, that's his sister's child

  2. hello Jimoh Abayomi O. Hyrish of Rare Breed...
    in as mush as I enjoy reading from your blog, how true is this Ayodeji's story...hope you confirmed it? cos this can be a serious ash which you have ignorantly blown and ashes do fly back to the blower alot!! #justmythoughts #fakeNews #beguided #weareWatchingyouNow


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