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Yay!!!!! Hyrish is back. Who's excited?

I'm so glad to be back after going MIA for 2 solid months. Damn, it felt like a decade, my life is almost incomplete without my blog. Reasons for my disappearance are better left unsaid, I'm just truly sorry for not updating you guys and loading y'all with
A huge thanks to those who bothered to call and send text messages as to why the blog has been inactive. Trust me, I appreciate every single call and text message. Funny thing is most of the reach outs came from unexpected sources, the ones who I thought would bombard me with calls and text messages didn't even I guess that's just life! Special shout-out to Kikelomo Taiwo who kept pestering me to return to blogging, I don't know what I did to deserve that kind of love from her, God bless you Kike!